3/7 Color Changing LED Shower Head High Pressure Water Saving bathroom Anion Balls Spa Shower Head For Healthy Skin & Hair

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  • Reduce Hairfall & Freshen up your skin: The negative ionic stones make up a filter system to purify the shower water. effectively eliminate harmful chlorine and its vapors help in reducing the impurities in water, which results in Improving your dry hair and skin, reduce oil secretion, increase cell viability, make your skin more smooth, and reduces hair loss
  • Spa-Like Shower: With its high pressure and impurity-free water from the showerhead gives you the perfect spa-like shower every time. Enjoy the sweetness and delicate shower from this showerhead.
  • Perfect For Baby & Pet Skin: Because this showerhead helps in reducing impurities and effectively eliminates harmful chlorine from the water used for the child, Your child will always have a safer shower and keep the skin as soft as it has to be.
  • Longer Life Shower Head: You will never have to worry about the breakage and servicing of the showerhead, as it is made of strong ABS plastic having no leaks, and a solid build.
  • Enjoy The Temperature Sensor Shower: The shower head sensor works like a charm to give you the color changing based on the temperature of the water, If you choose 3 color showerheads, it has the sensing capability while the 7 color shower head changes color automatically without temperature sensing. It doesn’t require a battery to change the color, it is operated by the high-pressure water flow to generate electricity and display the color of the shower water.
  • 30% Water Saving: With high-pressure water from the showerhead, it actually reduces the consumption of the water and can save you a lot in your monthly water bills
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